Maddance Productions



1992 - 1996 Vertol, School of interpretation and translation Spanish Dutch, Amsterdam
1984 - 1989 HKU, the Utrecht School of the Arts, Utrecht
1976 - 1983 Grammarschool Bernardinuscollege, Heerlen

2011 El Ritmo de la Tierra, documentary, 58 min
2010 Depoldering the Noordwaard, documentary videoinstallation, dv 22min
2009 God is a Miller, film for Voorland by 5e Kwartier, a theatrical journey with film incorporating live music
2008 Under the dream, videoinstallation in cooperation with Ronald van der Meijs, dv 20min
2008 Door de Wind, filmed architecture model for Atelier de Lyon, dv 6'19min
2007 Classified, performance by Karin van Pinxteren, dv 4'42 min
2007 De Rotterdamsche Diergaarde / The Rotterdam Zoo, animation, dv 3'40 min
2007 De Nieuw Amsterdam, in cooperation with Rafael Croonen, dv 5'13 min
2006 Amor de familia, in cooperation with Christina Hallstrom, dv 4 min
2006 Dona nobis pacem, videotriptych, dv 35 min
2005 Buitenspel / Offside, digibeta, 12 min, produced by Armadillo Film
2003 Moviemakers, DVD, 90 min
2003 A walk in the Park of Heaven, video-installation, dv, Villon, Frankrijk
2003 Jungleboek, filmloop, dv
2003 Bullfight, in cooperation with Christina Hallstrom, dv 1 min
2002 In het hol van de leeuw / In the lion's mouth, videotriptych, dv 25 min, in cooperation with Christina Hallstrom
2001 Once upon a time in the West, a contemporary western, dv 2.30 min
2001 Stomme film, dv 1 min, presented at the Silent Video-evening, the Hall, Amsterdam
2000 The electronic babymirror, interactive videoinstallation, in cooperation with Michel Waisvisz and STEIM
2000 Spots with Fox, dv, alternative commercials for Fox-tv
1999 Space for legs, dv 20 min
1999 Black Box, dv 3 min
1991 End of fishingwater Jansen, 8 mm filminstallation

Films In development
2013 - 2014 Here the river flows / Hier fliesst der Fluss / Hier stroomt de rivier
2011 - 2015 Depoldering the Noordwaard Part II

Video Clips
2013 Video clip for Earthbound by Vaselyne
2010 Video clip for Glittering Green by White Rose Transmission

Commercial & Theater Assignments
2013 Video loop for website
2013 Gevlogen Landschap for Atelier de Lyon
2013 Animations for Oerkest by Fort van de Verbeelding
2012 Promotionfilm for the Library of Atria, Institute on Gender Equality and Women's History
2012 Promotionfilm Aletta van nu for Atria, Institute on Gender Equality and Women's History
2012 Promotionfilm BTG Handel
2011 Promotion film Raad van State for Breijer Bouw BV
2010 Fashionclip The One by Aaiko
2010 Trailer Theaterfestival De Karavaan 2010
2010 Trailer Karavaanlab by 5eKwartier & PeerGrouP
2009 Trailer Theaterfestival De Karavaan 2009
2009 Bijlmermeer Zwanenmeer a production by the Nationale Ballet, Don't hit mama and 5e Kwartier
2008 Architectural films on nominated projects for the LAI Award 2008, assigned by Magazine De Architekt
2004-2009 De Hallen / The Halls, for Stadsdeel Oud-West, in cooperation with Christina Hallstrom, dv,

1989 - now Exhibitions with paintings and video-installations in Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Russia, Switzerland and the Netherlands

2013 Photography for Oerkest by Fort van de Verbeelding
2013 Photography Down to Earth Magazine by Milieudefensie (Friends of the Earth Netherlands)
2011 Photography for project In Goede Aarde by 5e Kwartier
2011 Wallpainting (100 m2) Blosh / Aaiko, Amsterdam
2010 Artist in Residence, Nau Coclea, Camallera, Catalunya
2008 - now Clips voor Vrijheid / Duurzaamheid /Food From the Hood/ For Grow animationworkshops producesd by Holy for secundary school
2004-2005 Making Movies, film education project by the Dutch Institute for Filmeducation (NIF)
2003 Movie Makers, film education project for Centraal Museum, Utrecht
2003 Paintings on horizonfoto for commercial campaign for Philips Flat TV
2002 Design exhibition Pinching bread from the bears, Artis, the Amsterdam zoo, during World war II, commissioned by the Dutch Resistance Museum, Amsterdam
1996 Wallpainting (35m2), Sokrates, KNSM-island, Amsterdam